Core Restore & Core Restore Plus

Get ready to strengthen your core like never before! This is a 12 level, easy-to-follow guided video course where I teach you correct form and technique of over 160 exercises to strengthen your deep core and pelvic floor.

This video course is applicable to men and women, because who doesn’t have a core or pelvic floor? Life gives both men and women injuries, weight gain, improper posture, and other issues that lead to core and pelvic floor dysfunction. This course is fundamental in assisting those who suffer from Diastasis Recti (separation of abdominal wall or aka “tummy pooch”), Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (urinary incontinence, unexplained back pain, bowel issues, and sexual dysfunction), or Pelvic Organ Prolapse to improve their quality of life in regaining their core and pelvic floor control. Surgery is NOT required!

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*If you sign up today, you will have access to this video series for life
*Watch the videos as often as you like, wherever you like, pause, rewind, skip, etc…
*Open to men and women
*12 level program with 10 minutes of homework per day to keep you on track
*Each of the 12 videos is around 40/45mins long
*Educational for keeping a strong core and floor in other activities (running, Crossfit, weight lifting, dance, gymnastics, etc)

Helping people restore their core and pelvic floor is my passion!

Please enjoy these videos,

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