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Our kids need an intervention

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for 20 years in basically every mode (hospital based, big box, corporate based, small boutique, home based). I have taught basically every format in some way (lifting, cardio testing, dance fitness, pilates, yoga, Aerial yoga, prehab/rehab, pelvic floor and Diastasis Recti programming, etc).
I have worked with both men and women, kids of all ages, and people of all ages.
What I know is this:
Our youth need an intervention. If you don’t play sports, you fall through the cracks. Even if you do play sports, you probably have an overuse injury. If you want more extracurricular credits at school, you take virtual PE but then you’re on your own.
I want to help our kids. I have four teenage daughters. I get it.
Instead of continuing to work with “broken down” adults, one after another, I want to work with our high school students and college aged young adults who need to learn how to eat properly, move with quality, and experience joy in taking care of their bodies.
Let’s give the next generation a better chance of avoiding a laundry list of surgeries by the time they are our age.

Message me for more information.

P. S. If you’re a “broken down” adult, you can certainly still reach out. I had spine surgery 8 years ago and have degenerative disc disease, so I know what it’s like to make a comeback.

PPS. If you’re a coach or PE teacher, let’s talk. We can help more kids by working together than standing on opposite sides of the court.

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