November 14, 20189:58 am

Great Glute Challenge Day 14

We are getting into the Booty Burn of this Block of the Great Glute Challenge!  Ooooooh, it’s fun!


Great Glute Challenge Day 14 will be a challenge in and of itself for most of you.  This exercise is not about getting your foot high…it is about getting your BUTT high!  Keep your hips square forward, keep your knee facing the floor as you lift the leg instead of swinging that hip open and having your knee face out towards the side to get the most outta this one.

Remember to do 30 seconds of cardio, Day 11, 30 more seconds of cardio, Day 12, 30 seconds cardio, Day 13, 30 seconds cardio, finally Day 14.

Be sure to cool down and stretch out after this one!

Great Glute Challenge PDF

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