November 10, 20186:00 am

Great Glute Challenge Day 10

You made it through the next phase!!  Good job!

Have you tried your Cheeky Warmup lately to see if your squats are feeling any differently?

Great Glute Day 10 is the finale to our squat based portion!  WORK. AT. YOUR. PACE.

Remember to do 30 seconds of cardio, Day 6, 30 seconds cardio, Day 7, 30 seconds cardio, Day 8, 30 seconds cardio, Day 9, 30 seconds cardio, Day 10.

COOL DOWN.  STRETCH.  HYDRATE.  Give yourself a pat on the uhhhh, back.  (cheeky pun, eh??)

Great Glute Challenge PDF

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Rock On,

Trainer Jai

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