October 19, 20187:00 am

Great Glute Challenge Day 1

Welcome to the Great Glute Challenge!

Our Glutes are such an important synergistic muscle group to our pelvic floor and core! We need them to be strong and (ah-hem) well-rounded for our hips to get support in staying properly aligned.  This translates to our backs and knees feeling strong and supported also.

Join us for 30 days of glute work.  Before each exercise,  do 30 seconds of some FUN cardio (jumping jacks,  side steps,  walking in place,  etc).

Today is easy! Do your Cheeky Warmup,  followed by 30 seconds of cardio,  and finish with Great Glute Challenge Day 1

Download this free PDF workout sheet and kick it in to gear!

Great Glute Challenge PDF

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Now go get it done,  folks! 

Rock On,

Trainer Jai

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