November 26, 20176:00 am

Great Glute Challenge Day 26


It is time for our Kick It Into High Gear section of the Great Glute Challenge!



Mary Lou Retton….this girl was my HERO in my younger days.  Living in WV at the time, I looked up to her tenacious and positive spirit.  She was pure strength wrapped up in a vibrant smile.

I want each of you to focus on the goal…..progression in strength.  For some of you, you are finding out that your body will only give you progress in strength if you also give it PROPER REST.  The ratio must be balanced.  Others of you are finding great strides in strength and balance in your glutes coming from “lack of exercise” to consistent exercise.  Funny how individual our bodies are, eh?  There is no cookie cutter program.  That is the beauty of working with trainers who know how to individualize things and know who to encourage to work harder or keep going and who to encourage to learn the art of rest and recovery.

Work within your range of motion and rest easy knowing that you only have 30 seconds of cardio and Great Challenge Day 26

Use all modifications needed. Break the total amount of reps up into sets if you wish.  The goal is to PROGRESS beyond your current ability.  Be gentle on your knees.  Listen to YOUR body.  The goal is not to fling the foot, but to activate the deep lateral glutes to work to lift the foot.

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Rock On,

Trainer Jai

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