November 16, 20176:00 am

Great Glute Challenge Day 16

It is time to turn up the heat this week!  We are turning the curve on the home stretch.  You should be feeling stronger and ready to “Step It Up” a notch.  (I really mean KICK it up a notch!)

Above all, DO NOT QUIT.  Use your modifications.  Practice makes progress.


Time for the next section of the Great Glute Challenge PDF

I wish I could say that today is going to be easy, but for some of you it will feel like cardio all the way.  So pace yourself and know that you only have 30 seconds of cardio and Great Glute Challenge Day 16.

Remember to work in YOUR range of motion and use all modifications needed. Break the total amount of reps up into sets if you wish.  The goal is to PROGRESS beyond your current ability.  So do the best that YOU can!

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Rock On,

Trainer Jai

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