August 30, 20173:41 pm

Is there a “One Way Only” for Squat Technique?

I hear professionals and clients say more frequently than ever that there is “one way only” for squat technique.  A while back I came across some fascinating research disproving that there can be one way only and I would like to share the following article with you where Dr. Zach Long of The Barbell Physio does an amazing job of summing it up for you!

Last week in Part I of this series on individualizing squat technique prescriptions, we covered how an athlete’s hip and ankle mobility (or lack thereof) can impact their squat form. These variations in individual anatomy mean that many of the “rules” for what a proper squat should look like are false. So many of the popular things coaches say such as point your toes forward will actually negatively impact an athletes performance and health squatting. Now in part II, we’ll cover hip specific anatomy and how that will lead to widely different squat forms.

Now let’s dive into some specifics of hip bone anatomy and how that can impact the squat.

Read the full article here:

Hip Sockets and Squat Depth

Thank you, Dr. Long for sharing this information!

To watch my video on how you can improve your squat form based on your individual body, check out the link below:

Let’s Talk About Squats

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