January 26, 20178:55 am

Aerial Yoga: transforming pain to release

With some severe spinal, hip and pelvic injuries as a young teen that have ebbed and flowed in misalignment and compression over the years, Yoga had been my saving grace. It turns out even some of those compressive asanas were detrimental to my specific alignment issues… and then came Jaime & Aerial!
I have been practicing with Jaime now, both in her Aerial and Core Restore programs, and am seeing and feeling HUGE shifts! Some come in slow pangs of realigning muscles I’ve never felt before, other times the most epic joint and spinal releases or nerve sparkles of tonic proportion, feeling more grounded than ever or just lighter (#yaddayaddayoga)
Seemingly years of unawareness into the vast and complex inner working of the body, Aerial yoga and Jaime’s deep anatomical expertise have given me a lifeline into rearranging my world from the inside out. Talk about getting to know your subtle body! I now can’t go a day without hanging… seems parts of my life depend on this… so let me get batty with ya…
Don’t be surprised if your entire life wants to rearrange itself and everything falls away in correlation with your new found practices! Creating physical space inside the body is the first step in making further space in your life and environment!
Try it! I dare ya!!
-shared my K.Moon, “ground” yoga instructor

If you cannot join me in Core Restore Aerial Yoga at Jala Yoga in Winchester, you can still Core Restore with me online at reformpilatesyoga.com.

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