January 10, 20179:47 am

New Year…. Time to gear up.  

The new year is here and after the holidays and traveling for two weeks,  I am feeling the need to get my tail in consistent gear again.  

If you would like to join my journey back to wellness,  join me once again in the Great Glute Challenge! 

I also have been meditating daily (join me on Insight Timer) and logging food and activities through MyFitnessPal so I can earn money through Achievemint (new Fabletics gear is calling my name!) 

I am also committing to 3 aerial practices a week,  3 reformer practices a week,  daily mat movement (ground yoga or pilates mat),  and as much walking around the lake as the weather permits.  

What are your new year goals? 

To get started on Great Glutes,  see video below and revisit the blogs by searching this page for Great Glute.  

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