September 21, 20165:00 am

Great Glute Challenge Day 21

Let’s get Lateral!

Our bodies get soooo stuck in flexion and extension. (Think:  sitting, standing, walking, running).  We often neglect our glutes in the range of LATERAL movement (side to side).

Your goal is NOT to do a split as you step out to the side, but to keep your hips feeling centered and balanced as they likewise learn to get stronger in allowing your legs to move out to the side.

Think back to your roller rink days and turn on the good music and even the disco ball (if you have one!)


Follow along with a sense of accomplishment on your  Great Glute Challenge PDF

Work within your range of motion and rest easy knowing that you only have 30 seconds of cardio and Great Challenge Day 21

Use all modifications needed. Break the total amount of reps up into sets if you wish.  The goal is to PROGRESS beyond your current ability.  So do the best that YOU can!

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