December 26, 20124:19 pm

Work It Wednesday…Sledding!


Merry Christmas AND how fitting that today is Work It Wednesday????  I mean, really…how many of you are feeling a little bit like Frosty the Snowman right now……soft, fluffy, muscles melting away in a puddle of mush…..????  Okay, maybe you don’t.  But I do!!  My workouts have been taking a serious back seat to the hustle and bustle of the holidays and now I am ready to hustle in a workout! 

There are many ways to “work it”, but just like nature, seasons change in our exercise routines also.  Maybe you are an avid runner, and if you live in my area, you will be doing NO running outside today….and you hate running on a treadmill.  So don’t.  In fact, I recommend that you crosstrain today with a bit of sledding!  Dragging your kids up a hill and then pushing them down again is a killer leg workout.  Maybe you will be sledding yourself….trying to stay on the sled is a great core stabilizer workout!  Go ahead….grab a sled!  Have some fun!!  Your body will burn off those extra cookie calories and your muscles may be sore later, but they will certainly be happy sore! 



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