December 14, 20121:45 pm

Fit Family Friday! SNOW!!!

Girl Packing Snowball

TGIF!  I am married to a Wisconsinite and he appreciates a good snow day!  In fact, he has rubbed off on me and my children definitely inherited his love of snow.  Yet, we run into issues when we have super warm winters (like the one we are having so far this year).

Several years ago, when the girls were preschoolers and really wanted a good snow day, I went to Michael’s and got large foam craft balls and we had an indoor snowball fight.  We burned many calories that winter!  We still have that bag of snowballs and use them in the middle of July!

I have been teaching a physical education class for a homeschool co-op and this week we had a special Christmas celebration.  For P.E. class, we did a Jingle Bell Rock extravaganza.  We did a little bit of high knee marching and running in place and Toy Soldier stretching (think The Robot dancing) to tobyMac’s Little Drummer Boy. Then, we did a few Reindeer games where they did team shuttle runs with hopping, skipping, and galloping.  We played Santa Shuffle, where they partnered up and tossed empty present boxes back and forth and had to get further and further apart.  The last team standing won.  And the finale:  I got that puffy white stuff that you use to fill pillows and such and we had a good old fashioned indoor snow ball fight.  The stuff balls up nicely enough and the kids have a blast throwing it around, even if it does not get much “air”….which made them burn more energy heaving it around!  🙂

So, on this sunny Fit Family Friday, set up a little Jingle Bell Rock action in your home!

Go play and enjoy!


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