September 24, 20121:07 pm

What you allow in pours out….

About 15 years ago, I was being treated for what they thought was cervical cancer.  Fortunately, after several biopsies and disectomies, I was in the clear.  During that time, I was told my a nurse practioner to “feed my body good things that bring health and fill my mind with life-giving thoughts to keep worry at bay.”  I remember working out and literally thinking “breathe in life, exhale disease”.  I know to some people this may sound hokey, but for me it helped my mind stay focused on health, healing, and let worry roll off my back.  I could only do my part.  The rest was up to the doctors and up to God.

Today, I want you to focus on the joy and strength that comes from Someone bigger than yourself.  And as you fill up with that joy and strength, you can overflow and splash wisdom and peace on others.

Be blessed,


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