September 14, 20126:25 am

Trekking….it began with a 6 yr old girl.

TGIF!  This is my daughter.  Two years ago, when she was 6, she decided that she wanted to help the people of Haiti after a devastating hurricane.  She knew that she liked to ride her bike and she got an idea that she could collect sponsor money for miles that she biked.  That first year, she rode 14 miles (with Daddy as escort) in one day and collected about $1,500.  We sent it to a missionary that our church works with so that we knew it would not be lost in red tape.

Last year, she decided to invite her friends to join her.  We had several children, along with their parents, join us and we all rode bikes, walked, or ran, as far as we could that day.  We had little siblings in wagons.  We had tikes on trikes.  We even had some adults with no children in our circle join us simply because it was good exercise for a good cause.  Together we raised about $1,200.  My daughter decided to beat her record and rode 17 miles in one day (with Daddy) because she had sponsors paying by the mile.  She was 7.

This year, we are inviting even more to join us on September 29th for our 3rd Annual Trekking for Haiti.  We have kids of all ages joining us to walk, run, bike, skate, or scooter (manually, no powered!) for as many miles as they can.  We are gathering sponsors and sending the money to Haiti, who once again, has been struck by a huge storm.

On this Friday, we would like to encourage you to decide upon an activity that you like to do as a family and then brainstorm how you can turn it into a fundraiser for someone less fortunate than so many of us.  Maybe you can have a trampoline-a-thon.  You could hike a trail.  You could rake leaves for money. A relay team marathon?  A fun run? A Zumba-thon?  Decide on an activity.  Gather sponsors (Facebook is great and free!).  And then start practicing!  Our family is riding bikes several times a week to prepare for our upcoming day!

If a six-year-old can “throw in her pebble” and cause so many ripples, imagine what you can do to make even more ripples if your family starts a fun family activity to raise money!  Enjoy this beautiful fall day and we can’t wait to hear how your family is getting fit AND making a difference at the same time!

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