September 10, 20126:32 am

Are you strong enough?

The inner voice in your head that says you can’t….tell it to zip it.

Start a new “track” in your head.  You can do this.  You can be stronger.  You can succeed.

I cannot express how important it is that you shut up the negative self-talk and be your best encourager. In a British study, they found that exercisers who used positive self-talk improved 20% in two weeks, compared to those who didn’t use mantras.  That is why we decided Monday should be Mantra Monday.  It is the start of a new week.  You should be rested up, ready to go, working towards your goal.

Please leave a comment and share your favorite mantra!  It may be the encouragement someone else needs to hear.  It may be the mantra they need to push through to a new goal.  What mantra gets you through?

Speak for strength.  Train for strength.  Be stronger,


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