September 5, 20126:11 am

Fall approaches: Are you ready for your skinny jeans?

I know everyone usually talks about losing weight and toning up for swimsuit season.  However, I don’t get out to swim much and I wear lots of dresses in summer, so it is almost easier for me to hide extra weight in my lower half during the warm months.  However, fall and winter rolls around, and while I may not be as interested in toned tank-top arms, I will have to be walking around in britches again and I don’t want a muffin top or feeling like my rear end is having a serious case of plumber’s crack when I sit down.  What does that mean for me?  It is time to make sure that I don’t slack off in my workouts and end up hating my jeans all winter.  It is also a time to get a head-start on my fitness goals before the holidays kick in.  When I am feeling fit and fabulous as the holidays approach, I am less likely to overindulge in all the cookies and family meals.  I keep it real and under control (for the most part!) then if I let myself go and hide under baggie sweatpants.

Want to join me?  Click on the link below for a Drop a Jean Size workout and be ready for skinny jeans and cozy sweaters!


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