August 31, 20122:49 pm

Kitchen Dancing!

Welcome to Fit Family Friday and I have to tell ya…I knew yesterday what I wanted to post but I did not get a chance to get a post together.  And then this morning, we are busting our tails at school before Grandpa comes to sweep the kiddos away for the weekend…..

THEN, I saw this pic come up on my Facebook newsfeed.  PERFECT!  It was EXACTLY what I was gonna post about!

In our home, our favorite family workout is to turn on some of our favorite music, crank it up, and dance like a bunch of crazy fools in the kitchen.  We do this several times a week just for grins and giggles, but we get quite the workout in as well!  We just got a new cd this week because our favorite artist, TobyMac, just released a new album.  We have been dancing since!  I am known for my “kitchen dancing” among some of my lady friends, so maybe next Friday I will post a little video of our crazy kitchen workouts!  Until then, turn on some fun music, crank it up, and get to dancing!!!

Jai, Drew, Sunshine, and Sassafras (my dancing partners!)

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