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HIIT workouts for advanced or beginner!

Hi!  You may burn many calories today just laughing at my attempt to make a video.  Videography is not my husband’s or my strong suit.  However, we persevered late last night to try to at least get something to work so that you could SEE the exercises I am going to list.

The first thing you need to know about HIIT workouts.  HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  Basically, you are going to go as fast and as hard as you can — MAINTAINING PROPER FORM — (hence the reason why you needed to SEE the exercises) for a period of time, sandwiched between short breaks.  If you have a smartphone, you can get a free interval timer app.  I use Interval Timer AD.  If you have a regular phone that has at least an alarm clock on it, chances are that you have a timer on your phone also.  Or, you can do some good ol’ fashioned clock watching!

I made a beginner video also which is not true HIIT, since the intensity won’t be high.  However, it will also be a good total body workout that will have both cardio and bodyweight resistance benefits.

Now, for the outline of how this works.

a.  Get an interval timer.  You will need 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest.  You have 8 exercises.  Advanced should count on doing this three times.  Intermediate can do 2-3 times (you can do without weights on third round if necessary).  Beginners will do at least one round, but really try to do at least two.  If you have to move slower on the second round, so be it.  Just keep trying it and it will get easier!

b.  Do at least a 5 minute warm-up.  Walk.  Jog.  Run in place.  Do jumping jacks.  March in place.  Turn on your favorite dancing music and dance a few diddies.  You get the idea.

c.  Do the exercises seen on the video (jot your list down on a piece of paper):


1.  Alternating front lunges with shoulder press

2.  Boxer shuffle with 3 jabs

3.  Half plank oblique twist

4.  Curtsy lunge with lateral shoulder raise

5.  Bird Dog Down

6.  High knees

7.  Wiper plank with push-ups

8.  Good morning with rear fly


1.  Sumo (or plie) squat with arm curls or shoulder presses

2.  Sumo squat with fast uppercut punches

3.  Standing Twister

4.  Rear lunge pulses with arm curls or lateral shoulder raises (22 sec each leg)

5.  Full plank-hold (drop to elbows if need to)

6.  High knee oblique twist

7.  Wall push-ups

8.  Squat pulses with arm curl/kickback

Now, you are NOT done.  Please do at least a five minute cool-down.  If you find that your heart rate is still up, go for 10 minutes.  Take a walk.  March in place.  Dance (slower than last time).  Walk laps through your house.  Ride a bike.  You want your heart to get the signal that it can stop demanding so much oxygen, give your blood time to replenish oxygen to the rest of your body, and allow the legs to pump the extra blood back up to your body and prevent it from pooling in your legs.  And when you are cooled down, STRETCH!  Do not skip stretching.  It prevents injuries, relaxes the muscles and the brain, and also helps the body from being as sore the next day.  You are shooting yourself in the foot if you skip the stretching.  Don’t sabotage yourself with such an easy thing to do!

I hope you are helped by the videos!  If nothing else, you can get a good laugh at our amateur skills!  🙂

This workout, from warm-up to stretch will take as little as 20 minutes (warm up, 1 circuit, cool down, stretch) up to 40 minutes.  Your heart will be pumping, your muscles will be working, your endorphins will be kicking.  A HIIT workout is good for all parts of the body and the mind!  Enjoy!


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