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Simple snacking and meal tip to follow

I am sure you have all heard it.  Eat lots of fruits and veggies every day.  Eat the rainbow.  I know it can seem hard to fit it all in.  Here are the general rules that we follow in our house:

1.  Eat the rainbow every day.   Try to eat something from each color.

2.  A snack should have two food groups.  A meal should have three food groups.  If you make sure that at least one of the food groups represented is a fruit or veggie, you will easily meet your fruit and veggie goal.

3.  Your veggie portion should always fill half of your dish.  A fruit serving should only be a quarter of your dish, except in instances like having a whole apple sliced up with two tablespoons of peanut butter.  (By the way, if you melt the peanut butter, it is alot easier to dip the apples in!)  The main point of a smaller fruit serving is I don’t want you to think that you can have a half plate of fruit at every meal and skip the veggies all together.

4.  Never say never.  Do you know that just like a new habit, your tastebuds need about 21 tries at a food to acquire a taste?  And don’t let your tastebuds confuse taste for texture.  Maybe you hate steamed spinach, but can handle fresh baby spinach mixed with romaine in a salad.  Maybe you are not a fan of plain mango, but throw it in a smoothie and YUM!  Don’t throw out a food from your menu because you had it prepared a certain way and did not prefer it.  Try it A DIFFERENT way!  But keep trying it!

My elementary aged children follow these rules to help them build good nutrition habits now.  I know it is older to “learn new tricks” as we are older, but there is no time like right NOW to start making better choices that lead your towards wellness!

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