August 10, 20127:11 am

Fit Family Friday: Use Your Noodle!

It is so hard to believe that the end of summer approaches.  School will be starting back soon for most kids.  What can you possibly do with all of those pool noodles laying around?  Or, if you don’t have a pool, maybe you have noticed that those noodles go on sale right about now???  Grab about a dozen and have some family fun!!  In the meanwhile, you will burn calories, work large muscle groups, help your children develop motor skills, and have some family bonding time.  What better way to spend this weekend?  Click on the link below, make a list of supplies (mainly pool noodles and some dowel rods or something that will hold some noodles in the ground) and start building your own “track and field” event.  Have fun!

Move it, move it,


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