August 7, 20126:47 am

Tasty Tuesday–Snack Attack

I don’t know about y’all, but my kids and I are snackers.  However, my kids are learning how to make wise food choices that fuel their body and make it stronger versus making it weaker.  I was very happy indeed to find this list of snacks for young and old alike that are tasty and yet nutrient packed.  More than half of these snacks on the list we have eaten, but sometimes it serves as a good reminder if you feel “stuck in a rut” with snacking.  Many of the snacks seen on this link have been kid tested and mother approved in this home.  There are some new ones to me on the list and I love that she attaches the link or recipe to them so that you can have fun experimenting.  So, print off this list.  Take it to the store the next time you go and see if you can find something new to re-train your snacking brain to make good and wholesome choices!

Enjoy and healthy snacking!


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