August 3, 20126:09 am

Fit Family Friday! Lace up those boots….

Okay, August is here and there is still time to get your family outside and geared up for some Fit Family Fun. One of the best things you and your family can do is go for a hike in the hills. Hiking in hills forces your body to work harder than normal day to day activities like walking on a flat surface for instance. It will cause your heart rate to elevate, burning more calories and working your heart. Make sure you don’t overdo it and walk at a pace that is comfortable until you gain stamina, then increase it. It is also a time to explore and experience the wonderful things that God has created just for your enjoyment. Check out the trees, wildlife, and beautiful scenery. It also opens up great opportunities for you and your family to talk and spend time as a unit. We all know it is vital for our family to remain close and the biggest way you do that is by communication. So get out of the house and grab your family and head out for some hiking. Even if you don’t live near any mountains, just get out and explore the landscape and different terrain. I guarantee if you do this couple times a week, your health will increase and so will your family memories.  Give it a go!!! Blessings!!

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