July 27, 20127:27 am

Fit Family Friday: Olympic Fun!

The weekend is upon us!  We hope that those of you with kids or grandkids will be inspired to have some family fun this weekend, so we officially deem Fridays “Fit Family Friday”!

As most of you know, the Olympics are starting and what a better way to get your kids excited about exercise than scheduling some viewing time for them to see the world’s best athletes in action.  Make sure to balance that t.v. time with “Move It Minutes” (as we call them in our household!)  Below is a link to a super fun workout idea for your family this weekend!  If you don’t have all the supplies, just stick with the ideas that don’t take alot of prep work.  The goal is to be moving for 60 minutes, so pick what works for your family and repeat if you need to.  Trust me, kids don’t mind repeating what is fun!  And being active WITH mom and dad is on the top of kid’s lists!

Happy Olympics and Happy Friday!


Stronger than yesterday,


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