July 26, 20127:00 am

Thankful Thursday

The end of the week is upon us.  It is time to give thanks for something…anything.

Here is my share:  I was running on Tuesday evening after a productive day.  I like to run at sunset.  I am just not a 5:30 a.m. person.  Work with what you got, right?  While I was out there running in 87 degrees with 90% humidity, I was able to witness a beautiful sunset.  Meanwhile, my inspiring playlist was jamming in my ear with “Stronger”.  The words kept me moving.  Why?  Because the words do not simply speak of a hope, but a PROMISE!  Several years ago, I had postpartum depression.  Lowest emotional and spiritual point of my life.  Going on two years ago, I had to have spine surgery.  Lowest physical point of my life.  And both times….ALL times in my life when I realized that my need was beyond what I could provide myself……the words of this song proved true.

Take a listen…and above all, BE STRONGER.


Live strong,


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