July 10, 20127:24 pm

Hey, you! (Yes…YOU!)


Here at Divine Designs we are new at this blogging thing!  Before we fill up your news feed or inbox with information that you may not want, we would love to hear what you hope to gain from this blog and partnering Facebook page!

I (Jai) being a (usually) organized person who loves schedules have been kicking around some ideas.  But first, would you like to hear from us weekly?  Daily?  A few times a week?  Keeping those questions in mind, would you like to have a certain “schedule” like Monday for Men, Training Tuesday (ideas for new workouts), Wellness Wednesday (nutrition or other wellness tips), Thankful Thursday, and Fit Friday (where you check in with the good choices you have made for your body and your game plan for the weekend)?  BTW, did you know that if you “take off” every weekend from good food anc activity choices, you lose a whole week out of your month towards your goal?  That is assuming you only take Saturday and Sunday off.  If you “take off” Friday as well to get a head start on slacking on your fitness and nutrition goals, you lose almost half of your month!  ACK!  Keep that in perspective.  I personally take Sundays off from working out.  I tend to spread out my indulgences throughout the week because splurging on bad food choices all in one day is not a good thing! I try to keep my sweets to three-four times per week, and in saying that, I try to choose healthier sweets vs the 3,000 calorie cake at the local restaurant.  I may have frozen Greek yogurt.  Or, I will revamp a brownie recipe to have less calories, less cholesterol, and more protein.  I will possibly have ice cream but will use my cute little bowl that keeps my serving size to its true size.  If I really want to go crazy, I will head to Sweet Frog and get the no-fat, low calorie frozen yogurt and add fresh fruit, a little spoon of coconut flakes, a little spoon of dark chocolate flakes, and a little spoon of almonds.  Yummo!  Okay, that is enough about food for now…..you get the idea!

So, with a free fitness and nutrition blog at your fingertips, what would you like to know?


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