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September 8, 2016

Great Glute Challenge Day 8

This day might be tough for some of you.  It involves plyos!  However, some of you cannot jump without causing...

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September 7, 2016

Great Glute Challenge Day 7

Great Glute Day 7  will challenge both flexion and extension of the hip.  Keep your torso out of it!  No...

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September 6, 2016

Great Glute Challenge Day 6

RESET button!  Yippee!! Time for the next section of the Great Glute Challenge PDF  (Drop It Like Its Squat) Nice and...

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September 5, 2016

Great Glute Challenge Day 5

Yowsa! Hips on Fire! The good news is that you are Day 5.  It will be tough and for some...

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September 4, 2016

Great Glute Challenge Day 4

Holy Hips, Batman!! And the hips don’t lie!  Just think about what a well-rounded rear you will have! Up for...

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September 3, 2016

Great Glute Challenge Day 3

How’s that tush feeling?! Great Glute Day 3  may be breaking up some muscle in a good way!  Think about...

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September 2, 2016

Great Glute Challenge Day 2

Fantastic work on Day 1! I love seeing the tags on Instagram and Facebook! Remember that your Cheeky Warmup is a great...

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September 1, 2016

Great Glute Challenge Day 1

Welcome to the Great Glute Challenge! Our Glutes are such an important synergistic muscle group to our pelvic floor and...

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January 9, 2013

Work It Wednesday: Better Backs

As one who must train her body to slow down the monster called Degenerative Spine Disease, I must work out...

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December 12, 2012

Work It Wednesday!! Prevent Holiday Pounds with the 12 Moves of Christmas Workout!

Join me from now until January 1st for this fitness challenge to keep ahead of holiday calories! I suggest doing...

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