November 18, 20186:06 am

Great Glute Challenge Day 18


(aka:  keep your pelvis in neutral:  no puppy dogs in trouble or over zealous “stingers”.)

This week is a tough week!  Mods, mods, mods for nice progressions.  There is no need to push yourself beyond your max and injure yourself.  On the same note, don’t coddle your body and never expect progression from it.  Check in with yourself and listen to your body.  Also, my Pilates Fundamentals videos (Fundamentals 1, Fundamentals 2, or Fundamentals 3 are all great options) or my Core Restore program (Core Restore online) are a great way to make sure your hips, back, and knees are staying in alignment as you take your glutes to the next level.

Great Glute Day 18  is yours to tackle after you do 30 seconds of cardio, Day 16, 30 more seconds of cardio, Day 17, then 30 seconds more of cardio before diving in to Day 18.

Great Glute Challenge PDF

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